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About Luga's

Starting from humble beginnings in San Li Tun in 2006, the first location (little Luga’s) quickly garnered raving reviews and avid fans with outstanding Mexican and Vietnamese food and drinks in Beijing.

This was quickly followed with, “Big Luga’s,” – Luga’s Villa as a Mexican and Italian restaurant and bar with even greater success and accolades with awards from, “The Beijinger,” as, “best Mexican restaurant and bar,” in Beijing for the last two years running.

While, “Small Luga’s,” offers a quiet intimate setting with terrific Mexican and Vietnamese food off the bustle of San Li Tun Bar Street. “The Big Lugas,” cables in live sporting events, live music with the excitement of a big bar experience and while the Mexican food is second to none, the Pizza and burgers help to pack them in and busy.

Both venues offer comfortable environments with large outdoor spaces so it’s patrons can enjoy the Beijing spring and summer.

Luga's Villa terrace

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